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Carls Better Gel

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Today's price: $699


Carl’s Cool Gel 10” is the second model in the Gel line and features an extra layer of Cool Gel Memory Foam right on top to increase body contouring and pressure relief. This mattress is a good choice if you enjoy a firm overall feel, but want enough initial padding to properly conform to your lower back. With a smooth top quilt design, the 10” puts almost no barrier between you and the comfort layers, allowing them to feel the way they were intended. Comfort layers include Cool Gel Memory Foam which can be immediately felt when the mattress begins to slowly conform to the lower back. This comfort layer is great because it helps reduce pressure points that lead to tossing and turning while also promoting a long comfort life. The two-inch layer of Cool Gel uses gel to provide a cool initial feel and promote deeper REM sleep through pressure relief. Back support is provided by the six-inch High Density Foam Core. This back support system does a good job contouring to the lower back while providing solid overall support. It’s also nice for couples because it helps reduce the amount of motion felt when one person moves. If you’re in the market for an adjustable base, this mattress is fully compatible. 

Overall, the Cool Gel 10” is the best value for the price! The addition of memory foam helps keep this mattress from feeling hard, and the core feels both supportive and forgiving.

$548 Twin Set
$649 Full Set
$699 Queen Set
$899 King Set

Quilt - Top of Mattress
1" Cool Reflections Memory Foam
2" Cool Gel Memory Foam
Comfort - Padding Layers
1" ComfortU Foam
Correct Back Support System
Box Spring - Foundation (optional)
Regular Box Spring: 9"
Low Profile Box Spring: 5.5"
Mattress Dimensions
Mattress Height: 10"
Queen Width: 60" Length: 80" Weight: 60 lbs
Cal King Width: 72" Length: 84" Weight: 60 lbs
King Width: 76" Length: 80" Weight: 60 lbs
Full Width: 53" Length: 75" Weight: 60 lbs
Twin Width: 38" Length: 75" Weight: 60 lbs
TwinXL Width: 38" Length: 80" Weight: 60 lbs
10 Year Warranty
First 5 Years Non-Prorated
Last 5 Years Prorated
Made In: USA
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